Buddha's words

Buddha's words
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


If you listen to the latest marketing gurus, it seems podcasting is the new way to promote your business.

I quite agree and I have been spending time organising podcasts to showcase some of the areas of the law that I deal with.

It has helped my clients as I can quickly refer them to a source of legal knowledge.

I have learned so much about podcasting in the last few weeks. Thanks especially to Andrew Real, Consultant, based in England. He has been a real blessing and a fountain of knowledge.

Andrew can be contacted at Andrew Real [andrew@seaton-electronics.co.uk].

I met Andrew through www.elance.com. That is an amazing portal where you can appoint all sorts of consultants to assist you in your work. It is truly a global market place.

Well, the result of it all is the first podcast by myself dealing with family law.

I must have gone through the same speech a thousand times to my family law clients. So I thought it would be great to podcast it so I do not have to repeat myself.

The 2nd podcast is in relation to wills. This is an interview with my business mentor who is called Jeff Miles the Business Doctor. Have a listen as you will definitely find the subject interesting.

I hope to update the podcast subjects as often as twice a month. If there is any subject you readers are interested in, please send me an email.

Till we blog again, have a good evening.

Have a look at http://www.tanandtanlawyers.com/legal_podcasts_podcasts.html