Buddha's words

Buddha's words
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Update on the Royce and Edie Hoy Poy Foundation for Aged Care Inc

Dear readers

Many of you will remember Edie and Royce Hoy Poy who were very much involved with the Chung Wah Association and their care of the aged in the association.

Edie and Royce  left their estate in my care together with Theresa Kwok, Thomas Goh and Esther Chang. She also involved her nephews Grant and Neville and her niece Jacquie Farrace in the foundation which she asked me to set up to help the aged.

It has been a good 3 years since Edie passed away. I have been plodding along trying to find a property to perpetuate her wishes of looking after the aged.

The Foundation has finally purchased a block in Thornlie which is about 910 sqm.

Please visit http://www.hoypoyfoundation.org.au to read about the foundation and what we are doing for the aged.

Do drop me an email if you think you can help.


Raymond Tan

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Buying a franchise business

Dear readers

Are you thinking of buying a franchised business? It may be a good idea especially if you have never been in business before. However, the first step is to get advice to make sure the franchise is a good fit for you. Have a listen to the videocast below for some hints.

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Raymond Tan