Buddha's words

Buddha's words
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golfing and being in Business

Dear Readers

The golf bug has hit me again. I had been away from the golf course for over 13 years after my 1st son was born. That was because I could not justify playing golf and spending the time away from my young children.

Well the kids are now able to play golf and walk and play at least 9 holes with me. They do complain and usually ask to use a motorised buggy. But, what the heck, what's the point of playing golf unless you walk. That is what I say.

I have also been fortunate in being able to play with the Pua brothers on a weekly basis. They are inspirational and motivational. Henry, Frank and Ray Pua have been my constant companions and guides to bring me back to the love of golf. Thanks guys.

Bought the missus a brand new golf set too so she can get into the game properly.

Well, what has that got to do with the law, you may ask.

You see, I have been able to take a Thursday afternoon off every day to play golf.

Now if you were employed, what is the chance of doing that on your boss's time?

If you are the boss, of course you are able to do that as long as :

(a) you have systems in place for your business;
(b) you are able to delegate your work;
(c) you manage your time appropriately.

Which brings me back to the new article I have written for Perth Woman and which is a continuation of my last article about being a boss.

Please look at:

For my friends and clients who are also golf enthusiasts, do drop me a line if you wish to have a game with me.