Buddha's words

Buddha's words
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Monday, June 26, 2017

The 2017 Sleepout as a homeless lawyer

My traditional lambshanks and glass of wine before braving the wind as a homeless lawyer.
The 4 amigos for 8 years, Barry, Shane, Bob and myself.

Dear friends

I survived the 2017 CEO Sleepout.

In fact having done this for 8 years, I actually know all the spaces that can be used by a homeless person if they were sleeping at the WACA.

This year, I had Pierre Yang, Sean Shwe and Steve Farano for company.  I showed them around the places available at the WACA. The spaces ranged from 3, 4 or 5-stars homeless spaces. All of them opted for the 4- stars location which had a view of the WACA at night.  

I believe that is what a homeless person would do. Find the most comfortable space available to spend the night.

Australia wide, we raised $5.18M and in WA we raised $579K.

This year I have again been so blessed with the support from my friends and clients.

I raised $36,525 beating all records from my previous 7 sleepouts.

I was ranked no. 2 in WA and no. 13 Australia wide.

I could not have done that without the support of all of you.

Some even donated more than once this year including Denning from James Chong Lawyers, Carol and Gerhard from Coffee Club and Duncan Hackman.

I received a few more large anonymous donations in the sums of $975.00, $750 and $500.

Thank you whoever you are.

There was a large donation which I managed to trace to my golfing friend Susan Zhang.

Many have supported me every year since the first time I took part and I am honoured and humbled. Thanks.

Hopefully, I can count on all of you again next year.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 2017 CEO Sleepout raising funds for the homeless

Dear friends and readers,

In 2 more nights I will be sleeping as a homeless lawyer for the 8th year in a row to raise funds for the homeless in the 2017 CEO Sleepout.

It is supposed to be a rainy night. I have tried my best to fund raise despite the difficult economic climate.

I have raised $28,500 so far and there is 2 more days to fund raise before the event.

I managed to raise $33,000 last year. Am I able to beat that this year?

The homeless problem continues. I made the acquaintence of a couple of homeless persons who have made Terrace Rd and Langly Park their preferred place of homeless residence. They have chosen well as it has river views.

The Aus Chinese Times did a report of the Terrace Rd homeless. If you read Mandarin it is at

I am ranked no. 2 in WA behind Barry Felstead of Crown Casino who has raised over $100,000.

In Australia, I am now in the top 10 competing against CEOs from many major companies.

However, it is not about the ranking. Any amount raised helps Vinnies to help the homeless.

Please donate if you wish to help the homeless by going to:


I will be doing livefeed on Facebooks to keep every one updated on 22 June.