Buddha's words

Buddha's words
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Surviving the CEO Sleepout 2011

Dear Friends

Yes, I managed to survive the 2011 CEO Sleepout.

The toughest part was the hunger and cold. I did not have a chance to get a good meal before registering for the night.

Instead of lamb shanks like last year, I had a real soup and roll.

The company was great and I managed to meet  the WA Governor Designate Malcolm Mccusker and his wife Tonya.

At 11 pm. Steve Farano and I decided we had to find a place to bunk down. We decided to bunk at the same place I slept in last year. It was more fun with company this time.

The night was cold but at  least it did not rain. Steve and I got up at 630 am and went to have breakfast with the other CEOs  before walking home.
I managed to stay No. 4 in the list of fundraisers. The final amount raised by myself was $18,350 with a $2000 donation from a charity organised by Andrew Forrest. He actually donated $2000 to each of the 107 participants. That means I was ranked No. 5 but I take my hat off to Andrew Forrest for his generosity and his PR  move.

I was quite close to my $20,000 mark that I set myself.

There was some disappointment that not all the participants worked hard enough to raise funds. I was disappointed that Eric Ripper, the State Leader of the opposition only raised $150 plus $2000 from Forrest. A few other politicians were at the bottom rung of fund raisers.

Thanks to all of you for your generosity. Every dollar donated was appreciated.

The total raised in Australia was $3.9 million of which WA contributed $600,000.

You have all showed that WA cares.

For those who forgot to donate, you can still do so till the next week.

I certainly will take part again next year and try to beat my current record. Till next year, keep warm and sleep well.

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